Perimeter Security Centre of Excellence is a healthy mix of


Physical Security

Tested & approved high security perimeter fencing & gates



Intruder detection and access control systems integrated to one front end.



A full integrated security system, designed to work together.


Bringing together market leading perimeter security organisations from the UK

Binns Fencing Perimeter Security

The leading fencing contractor for the Ministry of Justice, along with 80 years of experience delivering fencing projects, now backed by leading UK Fencing manufacture.

Eclipse Digital Solutions Perimeter Security

Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd provides security system design and solutions to areas that require the highest level of security protection. We are recognised in both Governmental and MoD arenas, as well as being a tried and tested NOMs and CPNI-led perimeter site security integrator.


Harper Chalice Perimeter Security

Harper Chalice Group is a British company who manufacture perimeter security systems. All system components are designed and manufactured by us in the UK, ensuring consistent high quality, cost-efficiency, stable prices and certainty of delivery. Our products have been listed on the NOMs approval list for many years for use on HM Prison service installations.

For a full perimeter security system to work you require a combination of technologies all working together

Current PIDs Model

PIDs Delivery Perimeter Security

Proposed PIDs Model

PIDs Delivery Perimeter Security


Saving on cost of delivery
Reduction on project management costs
Reduction on contract management costs


Perimeter Fencing & Gates

We supply and install high security perimeter fencing systems for some of the most prestigious high security sites around the world. Our range includes installing perimeter fencing and gates for the MOJ, MOD, Nuclear, CNI and CPNI rated sites, Secured By Design, and LPS1175 SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 rated perimeter fencing.

Our wide range fencing solutions are specified depending upon the scale and type of security or delay factors required.

In addition to our range of perimeter fencing and gates, we also supply and install a wide range of HVM PAS 68 and IWA 14 crash rated fencing and barriers to mitigate against the threat of vehicle borne attacks.

We also supply and install a wide range of temporary security solutions including temporary high security fencing, HVM barriers, blockers and bollards.

Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS)

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) is a fence mounted acoustic detection system called FenceSecure. The FenceSecure fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection system can be applied to all types of security fencing systems and toppings to provide early warning of any intrusion attempt. FenceSecure systems have a proven track record for the protection of all types of risk from normal commercial risks including many  Military and Government premises, Prisons etc. and also the protection of “CNI” sites – Critical National Infrastructure.

All of our systems are software controlled and able to be fully integrated into SMS or VMS solutions as part of a total security package.

Pulse Monitored Electric Security Fencing

PulseSecure Pulse Monitored electric fence systems provide both a physical and psychological deterrent to any would be intruders. Providing intruders with a short, sharp regulated safe shock repels them from their attack and can also provide alarm notification of an attack like other detection systems. It is one of a few solutions that can provide deterrent and detection.

Suitable for installation on almost all types of fence or barrier, the PulseSecure system can make an excellent upgrade to an existing perimeter including wall toppings.

All of our systems are software controlled and able to be fully integrated into SMS or VMS solutions as part of a total security package.

Perimeter RADAR Detection

Radar goes one step further than perimeter protection, it protects beyond your perimeter.

Able to give advance warning of activity outside of site it can provide early detection of intruders. It is easy to deploy and can be integrated into existing VMS platforms to provide visual verification of activity detected by the radar.

Able to detect human activity from 400m it can provide protection and detection across a very large area from a single point and maximises the value of your existing or new CCTV system.

Drone Detection

Mitigating the risk and threats posed is essential for the safety and security of your buildings, individuals or intellectual property. Providing countermeasure solutions, Drone Detection and Mitigation can help you to understand your options and what action needs to be taken.

We use state-of-the-art technology to detect the incursion of unwanted drones in your vicinity. Integrating with your existing security protocols, once the drone is detected the system sends an alert so countermeasures to mitigate the drone threat can be initiated.

Access Control

Coming Soon…

Design & Integration

Eclipse Digital Solutions Ltd is a specialist security integration company, offering the following products and solutions.

  • Virtual matrix & IP based CCTV system (including pre & post alarm management)
  • Fence mounted and Buried Cable PIDS system (perimeter intruder detection).
  • Motion Detection to include, Microwave, ANPR, VMD, Laser, Thermal, Radar and Sonar technologies. Drone Detection and Mitigation system design and provision. Remote telecoms and network management (including 3G, WAN, MPLS, ADSL, SDL)
  • Control room design including all Ergonomic studies, Integration of Large Screen Displays and SMS Capability.
  • Access control
Perimeter Security

Benefits of using Perimeter Security Centre of Excellence

  • Single point of contact for Complete Perimeter Security Package
  • Single point of order reducing management of multiple contractors and process
  • Reduced cost of Project Management
  • Opportunities for innovation
  • All products made in the UK and installed by British companies